Private Investor: Russia & CIS

5th International Adam Smith Conference

12 - 13 October 2016

We thank everyone for making yet another event in this series a big success! 140+ delegates from Russia, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Cyprus, Malta, Singapore, Greece, Ukraine, Luxembourg, Azerbaijan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Monaco and more participated in the conference. They included family offices and private investors.


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Unique event in London about investments & businesses of successful individuals & families from Russia & CIS


40+ high profile speakers including many FAMILY OFFICES & VIP ENTREPRENEURS

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Unparalleled networking opportunities and 140+ attendees annually

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  • Private bankers & wealth managers on MAIN CHANGES IN 2016 & 2017 for Russian/CIS private clients and how to respond
  • Today's portrait of Russian PRIVATE INVESTORS + case studies of investments
  • HOT TOPIC: Update from Russia: CFC rules, CURRENCY REGULATIONS and other important laws in practice
  • HOT TOPIC: THE WORLD OF TRANSPARENCY AND INTERNATIONAL INFORMATION EXCHANGE: what does the future hold for the banking industry/private wealth management/fiduciary services?
  • STRUCTURED BUSINESS NETWORKINGwith Russian family offices and private bankers

Speakers 2016 included:

Anna Matveyeva, Deputy Head , Sberbank Private Banking, Russia
Anna Matveyeva

Deputy Head

Sberbank Private Banking, Russia

Timur Artemiev, Entrepreneur, Co-Founder, “Euroset”
Timur Artemiev

Entrepreneur, Co-Founder


Anton Ionov, Head of CIS Personal Tax Services,  EY, Russia
Anton Ionov

Head of CIS Personal Tax Services

EY, Russia

Dmitry  Peshnev-Podolskiy, First Vice-President, Head of Private Banking, Gazprombank, Russia
Dmitry Peshnev-Podolskiy

First Vice-President, Head of Private Banking

Gazprombank, Russia

Josef Meyer, Managing Director, Axioma Wealth Management AG, Switzerland
Josef Meyer

Managing Director

Axioma Wealth Management AG, Switzerland

Chris Weafer, Senior Partner, Macro-Advisory Ltd
Chris Weafer

Senior Partner

Macro-Advisory Ltd

High quality panel sessions, unlike rival events, and good networking opportunities

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, Kinley Legal. Read more reviews

An excellent gathering of experienced wealth professionals

Anthony Corbett, 

Lucrum Wealth Partners. Read more reviews

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