Private Investor: Russia and Eastern Europe

11 - 12 October 2018

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About this event:

  • Unique event in London about international investments & businesses of successful individuals & families from Russia, CIS & Eastern Europe
  • The event 2018 will address challenging legal and tax issues that these families are facing, and well as discuss current investment opportunities, including real estate
  • 40+ highest profile speakers including many FAMILY OFFICES & VIPs
  • Gathers 100+ senior level participants from 15+ countries, including family offices, wealth managers, alternative investments experts, private bankers, private client advisors, as well as private investors and successful entrepreneurs

What is new at the 2018 conference?


More FAMILY OFFICES already on board as speakers and delegates than ever before!


Broader geos: we focus on private wealth of HNWIs not just from Russia & CIS but other countries of Central & Eastern Europe 

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NEXT GEN: we talk about younger generation of successful business owners and topics that appeal to them, in addition to the first generation

                                                             AMONG KEY TOPICS IN 2018

  • Key developments for private clients in the UK: UWO. Tax changes affecting those coming to/ leaving the UK
  • Investment portfolio diversification: how to achieve your goals in the rapidly changing world. Increasing interest to alternative investments
  • Alternatives to London. Comparison of a number of jurisdictions in terms of taxation, real estate, financial infrastucture, immigration rules and more
  • Amnesty of capital, currency liberalisation and other news from Russia
  • ound table with successful entrepreneurs
  • Social investments and philanthropy

Industry update and articles

High quality panel sessions, unlike rival events, and good networking opportunities

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, Kinley Legal. Read more reviews

An excellent gathering of experienced wealth professionals

Anthony Corbett, 

Lucrum Wealth Partners. Read more reviews

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