Private Investor: Russia and Eastern Europe

11 - 12 October 2018

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About this event:

  • Unique event in London about international investments & businesses of successful individuals & families from Russia, CIS & Eastern Europe
  • 40+ highest profile speakers including many FAMILY OFFICES & VIPs
  • Gathered 100+ senior level participants from 15+ countries, including family offices, wealth managers, alternative investments experts, private bankers, private client advisors, as well as private investors and successful entrepreneurs

                                                             AMONG KEY TOPICS & FEATURED IN 2018 WERE: 

  • INTERVIEW ON STAGE with Evgeny Chichvarkin 
  • Key developments for private clients in the UK: UWO and Brexit analysis
  • Modern "Disruptors" in the wealth management and family offices field 
  • Investment portfolio diversification: how to achieve your goals in the rapidly changing world. Increasing interest to alternative investments
  • Alternatives to London. Comparison of a number of jurisdictions in terms of taxation, real estate, financial infrastructure, immigration rules and more
  • Amnesty of capital, currency liberalisation and other news from Russia
  • The importance of preparing compliance file 
  • Trends in Philanthropy

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High quality panel sessions, unlike rival events, and good networking opportunities

Christopher Kinley

, Kinley Legal. Read more reviews

An excellent gathering of experienced wealth professionals

Anthony Corbett, 

Lucrum Wealth Partners. Read more reviews

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